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Pet Barkery

Using the freshest and most natural ingredients, we provide your pets locally made treats and goodies for every occasion. Our daily lineup of pup cakes and bulk treats can help your pets with their unique needs and palette. Ingredients are kept limited and local because we all know less is more when it comes to your pets diet. Whether the focus be for digestion, skin/coat health or inflammation, our ‘Barkery’ has something for every paw!

Our Treats

Our ‘Barkery’ specializes in soft treats for those pets who prefer. They must be refrigerated and last up to 2-3 weeks. With no preservatives and only the best ingredients, our soft treat line is sure to help build immunity, improve dental hygiene, and assist with weight management.

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Peanuts Butter

Available for curbside pickup / Allergy disclaimer: this product includes nuts.

We have yet to meet a pooch that doesn’t love our Peanuts Butter. You might be wondering, “what’s wrong with giving your dog traditional peanut butter?” Well, your traditional peanut butter consumed by humans likely has additives like salt or sugar that might be harmful for your pups digestion. This all natural butter only has 2 ingredients making it a well-rounded dog treat packed with nutrients, fibre as well as protein and healthy fats. It can last up to 4 months in the fridge if stored correctly.

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Doggie Biscotti

Our Doggie Biscotti`s are the crunch lovers favourite treat! Enjoy a fun and delicious baked biscotti designed just for the pups.

Pumpkin Oat Pie
Peanut Butter Banana
Banana Wheat Grass
Blueberry Banana
Cranberry Greek Yogurt Chip
Fruit Medley
Sweet Potato & Carrot

These are some of the in house favourites. These are stored in a cool, dry place and last up to 4 months sealed in its packaging. All biscotti are made with Whole Brown Flour, Egg, Water and Apple Puree. Then we adjust each base with the healthy ingredients. 

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Dehydrated Treats

Available for delivery and curbside pickup / Allergy disclaimer: items are baked in a facility where nuts and other allergens are used, if not included in ingredient list.

Our dehydrated treat line is healthier than your average store bought treat given the limited amount of processing that goes into creating them. With absolutely zero preservatives involved in the process, this allows for all the natural ingredients to thrive in their nutritional benefits.

Consider our NEW Mutt Mix as a sampler of each dehydrated treat with the extra, low calorie PupCorn! These size bags make great Bark-Day take home treat bags for party guest.

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Birthday Pup Cakes $28 each

 Each cake is carefully crafted and designed by Janice our inhouse chef. We provide 1 weeks notice for ordering, and cakes must be paid in full before ordering. Please inquire within for pickup details.


Bow Wow Beef & Bacon

 Made with whole wheat flour, beef puree, pasta and fresh bacon then topped with our signature potato, ‘cream cheese’ frosting, this pup cake provides a great source of amino acids, quality source of protein and an abundance of vitamins for your pup to enjoy


Sweet, Sweet Potatoe

Say Woof with this whole wheat, Sweet Potatoe puree and carrot. cake sure to sweeten up the party. Finished with our signature Potato, Cream Cheese Frosting.


Peanut’s Delight

Made with whole wheat flour, unpasteurized honey, peanut butter and carrots then topped with our signature potato ‘cream cheese’ frosting, this pup cake adds nutrients and fibre as well as protein and healthy fats to your pups diet.


Fish Are Friends

The Fishy-er, the better with our Trout, Whole Wheat Flour, Carrots and Zucchini BarkDay Cake. Finished with our signature Potatoes Frosting.

Cake / Birthday Cake Order Form

Please allow 1 week lead time on all cake orders. Pickup times for cakes will be Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00am - 5:00pm | Thursday 9:00am - 2:00pm | Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm | Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm **Unless otherwise discussed **