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Every Dog Has Its Day

Our Purpose Mission

The Endless Pawzabilities Boutique and Barkery is unique in what it brings to the pet owner community of Port Dalhousie. We have roughly 30 different products that are created in house by us, the owners, Janice & Phil. The majority of our recipes crafted in the Barkery are baked daily. We even dehydrate our own treats, make and package our own health products and with the help of Janice`s Mom, Bonnie; we sew all the wonderful fashions upstairs in the boutique loft. On top of our in house products, we offer a variety of local artisan products as well as wholesale retailers to meet your pets demands! We also host monthly events to help you care for your pet including teeth cleaning, nail clipping, pet photos and more.

It’s our mission to make sure every dog has its day!

We stumbled on the rare and wonderful opportunity to continue a breed inclusive boutique that houses so many amazing local, artisan products in 2021. The original founder started Endless Pawzabilities in 2013 by attending craft shows and markets all over the Niagara region. Endless Pawzabilities became so popular, the founder decided to open a storefront in 2018. Still to this day, we have customers that buy our products regularly who found Endless Pawzabilities through craft shows and markets from back in the day!

Now, you might be wondering . . . “why would Janice and Phil want to purchase a pet shop?” We do it for the animals. Both of us have always had dogs growing up as well as individually into our adult lives. Janice’s very first puppy named Digger was the one to get us on the journey of giving back and advocating for the pet community, something that still brings tears to our eyes to this day.

Digger was a black and white Staffordshire Terrier, a ‘bully breed,’ that was purchased from a backyard breeder unknowingly when Janice was 18 years old. Digger was your average puppy filled with love and cuddles, and grew up to be a total goofball who just wanted to play and run with all the other breeds. It wasn’t until Digger was 2 years old that it was brought to Janice’s attention that Ontario had a Breed Specific Legislation, “BSL,” and Digger was considered a dangerous breed therefore; illegal. Instead of doing the unthinkable, Janice dropped out of university and moved to Victoria, B.C. where Digger and herself could live a fulfilled life without restrictions.

The whole experience had us completely dumbfounded that this was actually a real thing. So it inspired us to start partnering with a Vancouver Island local organization called Hug-A-Bull. We were fundraising and educating the community on positive breed awareness and this ultimately led us to our first foster dog, Java. From then on, we would have a total of 14 foster dogs.

Eventually we wanted to get back to our families in Ontario where Digger would unfortunately have to follow the Dog Owners Liability Act. “DOLA,” - muzzles, microchipped, registered and never off leash. As time went on, we were inspired to get more and more involved in breaking the walls of breed stereotypes and discrimination. We started working with the SPCA in Niagara Falls that were holding dogs that required mandatory DNA tests to determine whether they were ‘bully breed’ or not, we attended Bill Legislation rallies in Toronto, helped with testing rehomed dogs through the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue and we even assisted with running Chihuahuas who landed in the wrong hands of those who run dog fights in busier cities. The whole experience was hard on us as a unit because we had 5 wonderful dogs fostered and adopted into loving homes back in B.C., but in our own home province we watched amazing, lovable dogs riding the line simply based on what their DNA came back as.

Digger got older, so we took some time away from fostering. At this time we reflected on how much we had learned, how lucky we were to be able to save the dogs we did and now had a passion that fueled our souls and gave us so much purpose - all thanks to Digger.

Digger passed away at the age of 10, happy as always and having completed his passion of being a breed ambassador. We decided to give back in honour of Digger by offering care to senior dogs through Forever Fostering.

We currently volunteer and raise funds for Carter’s Animal Rescue and Sanctuary located in Bracebridge, Ontario. They offer opportunities to make sure all surrendered dogs, regardless of breed, are in safe, loving and caring homes.
Endless Pawzabilities was a chance to align our life’s work and passion with a business venture that allows us to use and share all the tools we have. This is done by working alongside some of the most dog savvy people who always have the best interest of all breeds because every dog deserves to have its day!


With a focus on local, we carry numerous artisans and crafters that allow us to provide your pet with the best of the best: