Endless Pawzabilities

Custom Pet Fashion

Finding the perfect fit for your pet is sometimes difficult. Nevermind if you have a special occasions or super creative piece you really want your loved Pet to have. Let us help bring your vision to life. Check out 1 of our latest boutique creations where we made a Belstaff Milford inspired coat and hat.

Prices for custom coats start at $120

We custom pick the fabric, and do a measurement fitting to ensure it's tailored to your pet length and chest size. The little details of leather and buttons, and high grade velcro make this piece a favourite accesorie.

Custom fitted jackets and hats are all possible.

  • The 1st step is to make an appointment to come in with your dog to be measured, and this way piece is perfectly tailored to your pet. 
  • Please bring any images of what you're hoping to create
  • The timeline for custom pieces varies on the depth of the project, including sourcing the fabric. 
  • Plan for a minimum two week time frame for full project completion. If you have the fabric you want to be used, please bring it with you. 

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